Project Description

Semiautomatic Spot Welding Machine for lithium-ion batteries

Introduction of

Semiautomatic Spot Welding Machine

Semiautomatic spot welding machine works as a great supplement to automatic dual-face spot welding machine.  It can handle non-regular spot welding demands in real lithium-ion battery production process. For example, when you need to make a completely new prototype and there is no suitable fixture for you to do it on automatic dual-face spot welding machine, this semiautomatic spot welding machine will solve the problem. Another example is when you want to weld BMS contact with the battery directly.

Like automatic dual-face spot welding machine, this semiautomatic spot welding machine is also pneumatically driven, so that it can provide high welding quality as well. The only difference is that, the welding job need be done one by one manually.

This semiautomatic spot welding machine has a remarkable worktable space around the welding needle, so that even it’s a big battery pack, the welding needle can handle any welding points inside the big battery pack.

Technical Specification

  • Input voltage:                                          AC200V~265V, 50Hz  (Note: Other voltages can be customized.)

  • Max. power consumption:                    3KW

  • Pneumatic Pressure:                              0.4-0.8Mpa (Note: Filtering device must be deployed to ensure there is no water or dust in the air supply. )

  • Applicable cells:                                       Cylindrical lithium-ion cells like 18650, 26650, 21700, 32650…etc, and lithium-ion polymer cells or pouch batteries

  • Applicable nickel plate:                          pre-cut nickel plate, with 0.1-0.3mm thickness. (Note: Nickel plate with 0.21-0.3mm thickness need be notched before use. )

  • Welding effect:                                         min. 4KG tension for  0.1-0.125mm thick nickel plate

    min. 6KG tension for  0.15mm thick nickel plate

    min. 8KG tension for  0.2mm thick nickel plate

    min. 12KG tension for  0.3mm thick nickel plate

  • Net Weight:                                                about 60kgs

Machine Features

  • Robust structure to ensure stability and safety during welding

  • Consistent welding quality

  • Big worktable space around welding needles to suit for welding demands of big battery packs

  • Welding current can be adjusted according to actual input voltage, the thickness of nickel plates…

  • Simple and easy to operate and maintain

Samples After Spot Welding Process

Semi-finished battery pack examples after spot welding process