Project Description

Voltage and Internal Resistance Sorting Machine for cylindrical lithium-ion cells, with bar code scanning

Introduction of

Voltage & Internal Resistance Sorting Machine

Voltage & Internal Resistance sorting machine can automatically measure the voltage & internal resistance of cylindrical lithium-ion cells, and then sort them into different channels according to certain criteria. It does not only fit for 18650 cells, but also can be customized to fit for other models of cylindrical lithium-ion cells, like 26650, 21700, 32650…etc.

Like our insulation gasket pasting machine,  this voltage & internal resistance sorting machine has similar feeder hopper to receive untested cells. And there are two ways to feed the li-ion cells in the machine. One is to manually put the li-ion cells in the feeder hopper. The second way is, to align this machine besides insulation gasket pasting machine,  so that the cells can flow into the feeder container after pasted with insulation gaskets or barley paper, then be rolled up into the feeder hopper automatically.

Sorting criteria can be user-defined. User can sort the cells with voltage range, or internal resistance range, or both. And in terms of the number of sorting channels, there are three versions optional, 5-channel version, 10-channel version and 20-channel version.

This voltage & internal resistance sorting machine is very easy to operate and maintain. Most importantly, it has very high sorting efficiency, up to 5000pcs per hour, so it’s an ideal solution for mass production of lithium-ion battery pack.

Technical Specification

  • Input voltage:                                                AC200V~265V, 50Hz (Note: Other input voltages like 110V can be customized.)

  • Max. power consumption:                          1.6KW

  • Pneumatic Pressure:                                    0.4-0.8Mpa (Note: Filtering device must be deployed to ensure there is no water or dust in the air supply. )

  • Configurable voltage range:                       0.000 – 6.000Volts

  • Configurable internal resistance range:     000.0 – 999.9 Milliohm

  • Sorting channels:                                          5 /10 /20 OK channels, 1 NG channel

  • Sorting Productivity:                                     about 5000pcs/hour.

  • Net Weight:                                                     about 110kgs

Machine Features

  • High precision motion parts to ensure accurate positioning

  • Synchronous belt to transit the cells to eliminate damage on cell surfaces

  • Equipped with high-speed testing instruments with high accuracy

  • Automatically record the sorting quantity to show current productivity

  • Testing data can be stored with USB flask disk

  • Simple and easy to operate and maintain

  • With signal light to show current state, and emergency button to enhance the safety