Project Description

Automatic battery assembly line from individual cells to semi-finished lithium-ion batteries

Introduction of

Automatic Li-ion Battery Pack Production Line

Automatic Li-ion battery pack production line, is an automated assembly line from cylindrical li-ion cells to semi-finished li-ion battery packs which are ready to connect with BMS.

This automatic li-ion battery pack production line incorporates below assembly processes into one.

  1. Feeding cells
  2. Pasting insulation gaskets
  3. Bar code scanning
  4. Sorting cells with voltage & internal resistance
  5. Arranging cells
  6. Inserting cells into fixtures
  7. Positive/Negative end inspection
  8. Cleaning
  9. Spot welding
  10. Taking out semi-finished battery pack

This automated battery pack production line is highly efficient and it can handle 5000~6000 cells per hour. Moreover, it minimizes the quantity of workers and entire production line only needs 3 standby workers, so it’s an ideal solution for those areas with very high labour costs.

In addition, this automatic battery pack assembly line can be adjusted and customized according to customers’ requirements.

Technical Specification

  • Input Voltage:                                          AC 360~420V, 50Hz (Note: Other voltages can be customized.)

  • Max. power consumption:                     30KW

  • Applicable cells:                                       Cylindrical lithium-ion cells like 18650, 26650, 21700, 32650…etc.

  • Applicable nickel plate:                          pre-cut nickel plate, with 0.1-0.3mm thickness. (Note: Nickel plate with 0.21-0.3mm thickness need be notched before use. )

  • Max. producible product size:             430mm x 270mm

  • Pneumatic Pressure:                              0.4-0.8Mpa (Note: Filtering device must be deployed to ensure there is no water or dust in the air supply. )

  • Productivity:                                              about 5000 ~ 6000 cells/hour

  • Product dimension:                                 16500 x 1500 x 1760mm

Machine Features

  • Automated assembly line from individual li-ion cells to semi-finished battery packs

  • Highly efficient, capable of handling 5000~6000 cells per hour

  • Yamaha robots to place the cells into fixtures with reliable performance

  • With CCD inspector from HKVISION to check the placement of positive/negative ends

  • Adjustable to fit battery packs with different distances between cells