What we do

For over 12 years, we, Best Automation, have produced li-ion battery pack manufacturing machines and testers with professionalism and reliability. Our li-ion battery pack manufacturing machines and testers help customers to make finished li-ion battery packs from individual li-ion cells with consistent quality and high productivity. And we are the go-to source for all your li-ion battery pack manufacturing demand in different applications, from small li-ion battery packs for electronic gadgets, to much bigger li-ion battery packs used in energy storage station, or even traction li-ion battery packs for electrical vehicles.

Moreover, apart from standard li-ion battery pack manufacturing machines, we also offer customized manufacturing machines for non-cylindrical cells like lithium polymer cells, and solutions for any automation demand during li-ion battery pack manufacturing process. Our customized machines are being used in many different industries to make various li-ion battery packs with different voltages & capacities, like electric tool, electric toothbrush, RC toy, power bank, UPS, power station for photovoltaic power station or wind turbine station, e-bike, electric vehicle…etc.

Two spot welders on dual face spot welding machine

What set us apart

Quality craftsmanship has always been the cornerstone of our operation and we are dedicated to continuing that tradition of excellence. We have continuously updated our methods and integrated latest technologies on the li-ion battery pack manufacturing machines and testers which our customers rely on, so that we could help our customers success.

In addition, we invest the time to work side-by-side with real users from various industries to understand the demands of a constantly changing market and how we can best deliver solutions for a highly efficient manufacturing workshop. Through a thorough evaluation of the pain points in specific applications, we set out to completely rethink solutions and deliver ready-to-use li-ion battery pack manufacturing machines to our customers.

Our li-ion battery pack manufacturing machines and testers have been shipped to Italy, Russia, Poland, Israel, Chile, India and Vietnam. And we are very much proud of the reliability of our machines which were proved by the customers throughout the world.

Various sizes of lithium-ion battery packs which are made with cylindrical cells
Electric vehicle battery design