Project Description

Introduction of

Lithium-ion Battery Pack Fast Tester

Lithium-ion battery pack fast tester, is a fast testing tool on semi-finished battery packs after BMS are properly connected. It could check overall functions of battery packs according to the rated parameters, including voltage & internal resistance of battery pack, charging voltage & charging current, continuous discharing current & time, min. cut-off voltage in discharging…etc.

This li-ion battery pack fast tester simulates real loads and guide the battery pack to work, so that it can check and test the functionality of battery pack.  While, one note is that, since it did not go through full charging and discharging cycles, it can not test the real capacity of battery packs.

Comparing to lithium-ion battery pack aging machine, this machine tests so fast that it works perfectly as a in-process inspection tool. Together with lithium-ion battery pack aging machine, the two machines combine and form as a complete testing tool to test the battery packs.

Technical Specification

  • Input voltage:                                          AC200V~265V, 50Hz (Note: Other voltages can be customized.)

  • Max. power consumption:                    0.52KW

  • Voltage measurement range:        12~85V DC

  • Voltage measurement resolution:        0.1mV

  • Current measurement resolution:        0.1mA

  • Charging current:                                    Max. 5A

  • Discharging current:                                Max. 50A

  • Rated discharging power:                        4200W (For continuous discharging test with load, capacity test)

  • 10-seconds discharging power:               8000W

  • Max. discharging power:                          9000W (for 1-second over-current discharging test)

  • Max. short circuit current:                       2000A

  • Net Weight:                                                about 200kgs

Machine Features

  • With pre-installed software, user friendly and easy to operate

  • Self-check function at start-up

  • Up to 0.1mA /0.1mV testing resolution and high accuracy

  • Fast testing speed, can quick check overall functions of battery packs

  • Capable of testing battery packs with different types of BMS, charging/discharging at same ports, or charging/discharging at different ports

  • Test data can be saved and/or printed for future use