Project Description

Aging machine for semi-finished or finished lithium-ion batteries with BMS through charging and discharging circles

Introduction of

Lithium-ion Battery Pack Aging Machine

Lithium-ion battery pack aging machine, is used to test the quality & real capacity of lithium-ion battery packs. It usually works as the last inspection process before battery packs can be finally packed and shipped out to end customers.

Similiar with capacity grading machine to test capacity of individual lithium-ion cells, this battery pack aging machine need run the cycles of CV-CC charging, rest, CC discharging, rest, then again CV-CC charging, so that it can measure multiple parameters of the lithium-ion battery packs.

This lithium-ion battery pack aging machine has ready router & hub inside its cabinet, and via TCP/IP network this machine can be controlled and operated on PC. Moreover, this li-ion battery pack aging machine has a capacity of 12 individual testing kits. In other words, it can test up to 12 units of li-ion battery packs each time.

Moreover, the charging current and discharging current can be customized in factory per your demand, which is essential to test high-capacity battery packs.

Technical Specification

  • Input voltage:                                          AC200V~265V, 50Hz (Note: Other voltages can be customized.)

  • Voltage measurement range:               5~70V

  • Charging Current:                                  Max. 5A (Note: Other current ratings can be customized in factory.)

  • Discharging current:                              Max. 10A   (Note: Other current ratings can be customized in factory.)

  • Data transmission:                                  via RS232 port or network

  • Measurement Capacity:                        12 nos of battery packs

  • Product Dimension:                                 900 x 600 x 1900mm

  • Net Weight:                                                about 200kgs

Machine Features

  • Equipped with hub and router inside, multiple instruments can be connected and control with one computer via TCP/IP connection (Note: No computer is supplied with the machine.)

  • High precision and fast reacting speed thanks to 32-bit ARM chip

  • Test data is saved in MYSQL database in computer, safe and able to track

  • With LED display to show the number of testing instruments, easy to locate the respective testing instruments

  • Wide testing range, able to test battery packs in different voltages, capacities and discharging currents

  • Provide CH+ and CH- terminals besides regular P+ and P- terminals, can test battery packs with various types of BMS

  • Measurement data, charging/discharging curve and statistics can be saved, displayed or printed