Project Description

Automatic insulation gasket pasting machine on positive ends of cylindrical lithium-ion cells, like 18650, 32650...etc

Introduction of

Insulation Gasket Pasting Machine

Insulation gasket pasting machine is an automatic machine to paste insulation gaskets, or barley paper onto positive ends of cylindrical lithium-ion cells, so that the positive end would not get in contact with the negative end. And it’s particularly designed for cylindrical lithium-ion cells, not limited to 18650 cells, it can also be customized to fit for other models of cylindrical lithium-ion cells, like 26650, 21700, 32650…etc.

This insulation gasket pasting machine is very easy to operate. Fill the cells into the feeder hopper, then start the machine, that’s it, and you will get ready cells with pasted insulation gaskets or barley paper for next production process. Most importantly, it has very high productivity, up to 5000pcs per hour, so it could save a lot in labour costs.

Moreover, this insulation gasket pasting machine could be aligned together with our voltage & internal resistance sorting machine, so that they two form a simple streamed production line. And one standby person is far more than enough to operate both machines.

Technical Specification

  • Input voltage:                                          AC200V~265V, 50Hz (Note: Other voltages can be customized.)

  • Max. power consumption:                    1.6KW

  • Pneumatic Pressure:                              0.4-0.8Mpa (Note: Filtering device must be deployed to ensure there is no water or dust in the air supply. )

  • Applicable insulation gasket roll:       100±1mm width, 0.1-0.3mm thickness, 75mm inner diameter, max. 350mm outer diameter

  • Productivity:                                             about 5000pcs/hour

  • Product Dimension:                                 1420 x 950 x 1620mm

  • Net Weight:                                                about 180kgs

Machine Features

  • Dual manipulators to feed and place the cells smoothly

  • Use insulation gasket rolls to minimize material wastes and save costs

  • Use pneumatic driven components to ensure stable punching pressure with buffer so that there is no damage on cells

  • Good pasting consistency, reliable and highly efficient

  • Simple and easy to operate, with manual operation mode, one-step running mode and automatic running mode optional

  • Automatically counting the product yield for statistics use

  • With emergency button available to ensure highest safety standard